Robert A. Brooks

Fine Arts - Arborealist Artist


A few words about myself

As a landscape painter, primarily my objectives have always been to keep the subject and ideas as simple and as coherent as possible. Trees for their beautiful shape and structure fascinate me and provide much inspiration for my work. Shapes, sizes and relationships, both in colour harmonies as well as drawings are not to be ignored. This emphasis was pummelled into me whilst studying at the Slade School of Fine Art in London, where strict painting methods, including measuring were applied.

When painting on the Purbeck Hills in Dorset, Corfe Castle usually takes on a significant role within my compositions and panorama studies; it does tend to lend itself from any angle and distance. Seeing a painting slowly come into being; causes much excitement and inspiration towards myself, as well as much joy into my work.

Why I paint trees?

I love the shape, the twists, and turns, the nodules, every crack, and crevasse. Limbs reaching out for life. Their energy, the power, the movement they convey, and the way they are naturally big structures. Their changeableness giving a message both fresh and organic. Greenish hues to autumnal yellows and browns resonating with the changing seasons. Stoic, they stand proud and glorious. Light shimmering to awaken each leaf. Skeletons which defy winters call.

You simply cannot ignore them, they are a part of our everyday life, our existence. Timeless capsules, the older a tree gets the more beautiful it looks, from a mere sapling to a majestic wisened mount. A force of the earth and arbiter of the landscape. The character to me of an ancient oak tree is that of a large fortress, monumental in its sheer reach through both time and space. Conveying with it a warmth and happiness which of itself brings both enchantment and wonder, and to me escape. If trees could talk, what words would they tell us?

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